Solar panel cleaning

You have solar panels on your roof and may think its just a matter of 'set and forget.' There's more to it than that.

Solar panels do need some maintenance from time to time such as cleaning, removal of leaves, branches and even dead birds that get stuck underneath. But mostly they will require cleaning to keep them running at top efficiency and saving you money in the long run.

At Pressure blast we use quality Italian made fit for purpose solar panel cleaning brushes that do not scratch the glass surface and clean without chemicals. This ensures an optimum clean and to return your panels to peak efficiency. There is also an additional solar panel glass coating available to ensure your panels stay clean for longer and increase the cleaning interval.

Getting up on your roof can be a risk to your safety and also time consuming. Do you have the tools to get the job done right? Hire an expert with the right equipment and save yourself time and trouble.

Pressure blast recommends a graphene nano coating over currently available ceramic or silicon dioxide coatings as graphene or hydrocarbon coatings are the latest technology with some graphene coatings having a serviceable durability span of five to ten years under optimal conditions. You can really tell the difference between a treated and untreated solar panel. Your panels will be cleaned with a power brush to get rid of grime and anything stuck to the panels. Then, using a professional surface pre treatment for optimum adhesion of the graphene nano spray.

Some benefits of graphene coatings:

  • High water contact angle (more beading)

  • Anti-static, repels dust

  • Highly flexible

  • Ease of application

  • The slickness factor of graphene is extremely high making it comparable to some of the best coatings and sealants on the market.

  • It makes panels just about self cleaning

Why not add graphene coating to your cleaning service and extend the cleaning interval further with your panels running at higher efficiency for longer. We at Pressure blast use a graphene coating on our own panels and can recommend this to any customer.