As a main focus point of your home, the driveway and footpaths really stand out. It's what connects us to the outside world and one of the first things others see. Keep your driveway and paths clean by removing dirt, mould algae and more. Coupled with a protective and penetrative coating will ensure a long lasting, eye catching curb appeal and welcoming addition to a neat and tidy presented home.


Roof cleaning

Roofs can really stand out from a distance and can make or break first impressions. Go from black back to the original colour. If you have rain water tanks a clean roof is a definite advantage in keeping water flowing to your tank cleaner.


House washing

Over the years houses collect dust which turns to dirt in contact with moisture. Mould, mildew and other growths take over in the right moist but sunny conditions staining walls, eves and other surfaces which can be very unsightly.


Crack repair

Small cracks in pathways or other concrete surfaces can be unsightly. These can usually be filled in with a flexible filler, then ground back and painted for that good as new look. Larger cracks will require more work and also identifying reasons for cracking and making a determination of additional work required for a loner term solution. The ground can move and cracks can reappear.

Pressure blast specialises in domestic surface cleaning using high and low pressure to get the job done. From house washing to driveway pressure cleaning, utilising various bio and chemical based cleaning mechanisms alongside the power of water. Small commercial projects are also taken on. Make your home or business premises stand out from the crowd, add value for yourself, your property or your customer's experience.

Domestic surface cleaning

Driveway and concrete cleaning


Concrete painting and sealing

Concrete painting and sealing are the traditional ways to enhance and protect your investment long term. Concrete itself is very hard wearing but still subject to the elements. Being porous, concrete absorbs liquids like a sponge. This is especially so on driveways with oil leaks. They can never be removed but with a sealer or coat of paint the damage can be mitigated. Old and stained driveways can be cleaned and painted for the fresh look and to protect against further leak patches.


Solar panel cleaning and coating

We also provide a solar panel cleaning service to remove built up dirt and grime. It's recommended to coat solar panels with a hydrophobic coating such as graphene to lower static electricity and stop dust sticking. Making the panels basically self cleaning and reducing the build up of dirt to keep efficiency higher for longer between cleans.